Catawba County has an educated and skilled workforce of over 402,000 within a 45-minute drive.

We realize that as unemployment rates drop across the country, finding and retaining qualified workers becomes more difficult.  Like everywhere else, 这是现有公司和可能考虑在全球彩票app建立新地点或扩大地点的公司所面临的挑战.  除了统计数据,我们最常被问到的与劳动力有关的问题是:

  • Where will our workforce come from?
  • How will we recruit our workforce? 
  • Who can we turn to for support? 

全球彩票app有大量优秀的组织支持劳动力招聘和培训,我们已经创建了一个指南,以帮助公司更好地了解整个全球彩票app提供的援助.  Continue scrolling to see how Catawba County is meeting the challenge, or download the Catawba County Workforce Brochure


Catawba County is connecting business and education through the innovative K-64.  K-64提高了学生和雇主对教育项目的参与度,这些项目被证明可以通过以下方式培养合格的劳动力:

  • Collaborating with employers to align courses of study with workforce needs.
  • Connecting students to real-world careers and related curriculum choices from early on.
  • Empowering adults to enhance employability in a dynamic work environment.

Workforce Statistics

Bolstered by a strong work ethic, 全球彩票app的劳动力已被证明能够适应我们最苛刻的公司的要求. 劳动力仍然没有加入工会——事实上,北卡罗莱纳州的工会化率是全国最低的——由与该地区自豪的制造业历史有直接全球彩票app下载的敬业员工组成.

Highlights of the Catawba County Laborshed include:

  • Labor force of over 405,000 people within 45-minute drive time
  • Roughly 40,000 underemployed workers
  • A willingness to commute more than 20 miles to work
  • Approximately 15,000 net migration of workers into Catawba County each day

Unemployment Rates

Current Unadjusted Unemployment Rates - August 2023
(released 9/27/23)
  Labor Force Employed Unemployed Rate
Catawba County 79,730 76,988 2,742 3.4%
Hky-Len-Morg MSA 175,349 169,304 6,045 3.4%
North Carolina 5,270,843 5,081,738 189,105 3.6%

Source: NC Division of Employment Security


Catawba County, North Carolina
Charlotte's Great Northwest
A manufacturer's guide to hiring & training resources in Catawba County, NC


Where will the company's workforce come from?


4-year liberal arts university

Hickory, NC
Enrollment:  2,686

Business Administration
Computer Science
Information Technology
International Business
LRU’s free online jobs board for recruiters to connect with LRU talent (students and alumni)

4-year public university

Hickory, NC
Enrollment:  363

The 225,800 s.f. 阿巴拉契亚州立大学山胡桃校区于2023年秋季开放,提供100多个本科专业. The facility is larger than any building on App State’s main campus and sits on 15.7 acres of land including large open spaces. It is a short drive from the NC School of Science & Mathematics western campus in Morganton, NC which opened in June 2022.

NC Center for

Engineering Technologies
Hickory, NC

北卡罗来纳工程技术中心为工程相关领域的应用研究提供设施,并作为北卡罗来纳大学系统学校提供学士学位教育的渠道.  学位课程包括建筑科学(来自阿巴拉契亚州立大学)和工程技术(来自西卡罗莱纳大学).

Mid-skill Positions

Technical/Community College

Hickory, NC
Industrial/Manufacturing Programs
Continuing Education Enrollment:  543
Curriculum Enrollment:  532

Computer Engineering
Electrical Systems
Business Admin.
Industrial Systems
Supply Chain Mgmt.
Information Tech.
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Computer Integrated Machining

German-style apprenticeship

Hickory, NC
Apprenticeship program
that begins in high school
with dual enrollment in
CVCC courses

Mechanical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Tool & Die
CNC Machinist

Local high schools Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs

across Catawba County
Students received
credentials in 2021-2022
(latest available) 

Welding Technology
Automotive Technology
Electrical Technology Systems
Drafting & Engineering Tech.
Digital Electronics
Computer Integrated Machining
Drone Technology
Biomedical Technology

Machine Operator/Production Positions

One Stop Workforce System

Conover, NC

Employers can post open jobs, 通过劳动力市场数据获取商业见解,并与NCWorks员工合作开发人才管道.

NCWorks offers the assistance North Carolinians need - all at no cost.

这个宝贵的资源将该州的居民与潜在雇主和企业全球彩票app下载起来,并将他们正在寻找的候选人全球彩票app下载起来, so all of North Carolina can posper.

Technical/Community College

Hickory, NC
Total Enrollment: 12,798
(Curriculum & Continuing Education)

CVCC focuses on intensive skills development, taking those with little to no skills & giving them skills for employment in manufacturing operator training.  More individuals are trained in pure manufacturing than any other community college in NC.  CVCC还可以提供定制的培训和课程,以满足特定的业务需求.


College Academy

Hickory, NC

The CVCC Maintenance Tech Bootcamp will provide instruction, lab experience, & 维修技术基础:机械系统、流体动力和电气系统. 

CVCC维修技术训练营与制造技能标准委员会(MSCC)有关。, an industry-approved third-party credential. Upon successful completion of each module and/or the entire course, students will be awarded a certificate.

How will the company recruit its workforce?

Short Term: 0-3 Months

NC Works is a one-stop workforce system supporting employment recruitment & retention at no cost. 

NC Works在开发职位描述方面提供帮助,并在国家网站上提供发布职位空缺的帮助, (this system also spiders other job boards to present a full portfolio of open jobs). also offers virtual recruitment options, as well as state and local labor market intelligence.

NC Works提供简历和申请协助,以确保高质量的就业前筛选,并提供基于工作的学习机会, educational training scholarships, and incumbent worker grants for employee training

NC Works assists in conducting recruiting events:

  • Arranges recruitment events at the company location or weekly at the NCWorks facility
  • Develops recruitment flyers for mass distribution via and social media outlets: Facebook,
    Twitter and Instagram
  • Staffs the recruitment events & coordinates interviews during the recruitment events


The CVCC Maintenance Tech Bootcamp will provide instruction, lab experience, & training in Maintenance Tech Fundamentals: Mechanical Systems, Fluid Power, & Electrical Systems.  学生将参加整个课程,并选择参加所有三个模块或只参加所需的模块.  所有参加一个或多个模块的学生都可以通过分班考试获得模块学分(以前的工作经验/知识的学分).

CVCC维修技术训练营与制造技能标准委员会(MSCC)有关。, an industry-approved third-party credential. Upon successful completion of each module and/or the entire course, students will be awarded a certificate.

鼓励雇主允许或帮助学生将课堂/实验材料应用于现实世界, employer specific applications through on-site shadowing, interning, or other work experience.



Offers in-depth customizable pre-employment screening assessment & training including:
  • Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) mapping, assessment and matching
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Skills assessment (including classroom instruction)
Company may access students for recruitment in on-going classes:
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Industrial Systems Technology
  • Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  • Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Computer Integrated Machining Technology
  • Welding

Provides customized training directed by the company including:

Safety, OSHA training, Lean, ISO, Six Sigma

Training at the company on company equipment

Training at the college on the following equipment:
  • Mechatronics - Advanced Manufactruring Lab:
    • Fanuc Material Handling & Welding Robot
    • ABB IRB 120 robot
    • Festo MPS Mechantroni Assembly System
    • Arburg Injection Molding Machine
    • Various Mechanical, motor controls, hydraulic, pneumatic, process control trainers
  • PLC Lab
    • Siemans PLC
    • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Mechatronics (Curriculum Lab)
  • Metallurgy Lab
    • Scanning Electron Microscope
    • Inverted Optical Microscope 
    • Instron Tensile Tester
    • Zeiss O-Inspect 543 Coordinate and Optical Measuring Machine
    • Hardness Testers
  • Computer Integrated Machining
    • Mazak 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Mills
    • Haas 3-Axis CNC Turning Stations and Mills 

  Medium Term: 4-12 months

Created locally in 2016, HKY4Vets作出重大努力,提高驻扎在东南部的过渡军人家庭对全球彩票app社区的认识.  A major focus of the organization is to work directly in partnership with local companies, 利用高素质的退伍军人和军人配偶人才来满足他们的人才需求.  These partnerships manifest in a series of virtual hiring events, 为过渡服役人员提供实习/奖学金机会,并提供一对一的过渡辅导,以发现这些有才华的人,并将他们与全球彩票app提供的各种职业机会全球彩票app下载起来.

The CVCC Maintenance Tech Bootcamp will provide instruction, lab experience, & 维修技术基础:机械系统、流体动力和电气系统. 

CVCC维修技术训练营与制造技能标准委员会(MSCC)有关。, an industry-approved third-party credential. Upon successful completion of each module and/or the entire course, students will be awarded a certificate.

North Carolina provides the nation’s most-recognized free, customized job training programs for new and expanding businesses. 北卡罗来纳社区学院系统提供全面的培训支持,从广泛的已建立的项目目录到针对特定业务需求量身定制的课程.

Funds are disbursed by the state, and training and screening are delivered by Catawba Valley Community College. Training funds may be used for instructional design, instructor training, assessments, 并为直接参与商品和服务生产的员工提供培训配送费用, production support employees, and technology support employees.

有资格通过北卡罗来纳州社区学院系统获得免费定制培训的企业包括, but are not limited to, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution centers.

Long Term: 1-4 years

1 to 4 year program combining formal education at CVCC and on-the-job training with sponsor employers

Apprenticeship in skilled trades like:

  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Tool & die
  • Mechatronics
  • CNC machinist
  • Machine Operator

High school students are dual enrolled at CVCC in advanced manufacturing courses. 

If a student is employed by a company prior to graduation, the cost for remaining courses may be funded by NC. 

Catawba County Schools:

Hickory Public Schools:

Newton-Conover Schools:

K-64 is a unique community-wide partnership between public K-12 schools, colleges, 劳动力发展和业务通过将学习和培训课程与劳动力需求相结合,为我们的业务提供熟练的劳动力管道.

K-64 will identify, 促进和简化已被证明是改善与劳动力发展有关的教育的最佳做法的现有计划和举措. If a specific educational or employer training need is not being met, K-64 will develop new programs and partnerships to insure a future-ready workforce. 

Who can we turn to for support?

Manufacturing Solutions Center NC Works

制造解决方案中心(MSC)的使命是帮助美国制造商增加销售, improve quality and efficiency to create and retain jobs.

The MSC accomplishes this by:

  • Enhancing and improving products through research and development;
  • Working with our commercial clients to create prototypes for new, innovative offerings;
  • Testing products for reliability, quality, and content in our third-party testing lab;
  • Training personnel to operate equipment and in manufacturing processes;
  • Creating 3-D rapid prototypes in a variety of materials;
  • 为制造业初创企业提供孵化空间,帮助他们开发和商业化产品;
  • Connecting entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and suppliers to build domestic supply chains;
  • Providing marketing support and assistance with selling to the military and government;
  • Industry advocacy.

 Contact the MSC for testing services, product development projects, marketing, engineering, and assistance for inventors & entrepreneurs. 


NCWorks致力于通过加强和支持地区企业的增长战略来促进经济繁荣.  Prospective businesses can rely on NCWorks to: deliver relevant labor market information, assist with workforce recruitments, and provide work-based learning opportunities to develop the skillset of current workforce.

Business Information and Support Services

  • Local Workforce Characteristics
  • Career Pathways & Career Ladders
  • Industry & Occupation Trends
  • Wage Analysis

Workforce Recruitment Assistance

  • Targeted Hiring Events
  • Available Space for Business Uses
  • Job Orders Services
  • Diverse Talent Pool

Work-Based Learning

  • Upskill Western Piedmont Training Grant
  • Skill Training Scholarships
  • Paid Internships for Youth
CVCC Workforce Solutions Complex

A culmination of many years of planning and collaboration with the three public school systems, the $25 million project is funded by Catawba County Commissioners. 它创造了最先进的教室和实验室空间,以教授先进的制造技能和其他技术技能,以满足当地和州经济增长的需求. The Workforce Solutions Complex was completed Fall 2018.

The 80,400-square-foot facility currently houses technology and engineering programs, including Computer Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Integrated Machining, Electronics Engineering Technology, Automotive Systems Technology, Welding, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mechatronics and Robotics, and Heating/Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

在经济衰退中幸存下来的制造商现在高度依赖技术,并依赖熟练的劳动力来操作这些技术. Companies rely on computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) programs, robotics, and are all heavily computer-based. CVCC的新劳动力解决方案综合体将确保高科技工作人才的未来管道, making our area even more attractive to new and expanding industry. 

The building includes state-of-the-art classrooms, offices, HVAC lab/shop areas, welding lab/shop areas, automotive lab/shop areas, machining and CNC lab/shop area, and an engineering department, which includes: mechatronics/PLC lab, CET-EET lab, electrical wiring lab, robotics lab, 3D printing lab, computer labs, break alcoves, a lounge/media center, meeting rooms, and an open main lobby area for students to gather.